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Picture books loved by wonderers

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

We forget our baby's birthday ... Willow the Wonderer turned two in June!

Hard to believe that two years have flown by since we held the first hardcopy of Willow the Wonderer in our hands - and posed for this daggy photo to mark the occasion... I think this was the 'high-point' of our COVID fashion!

Photo of a bearded middle aged man in a baggy brown hat with an attractive indian woman holding a picture book they produced together. He is an artist and she is an author. It is a children's picture book called Willow the Wonderer. The cover shows willow a little donkey lying down on his bed with a content smile on his face. He has just discovered happiness.
Darren and Reeta holding their first Willow the Wonderer picture book!

Willow the Wonderer picture books have since found their way to homes all across Australia. It's been wonderful in particular to see them travel to parts of rural and remote Australia that even I, an avid camper and 4WD enthusiast, have not as yet managed to get to - I'm quietly making a list...

It's also been wonderful to see our books being warmly embraced in the many new homes it has ended up in. Hearing from parents and grandparents about the love with which their little ones have taken to the books has been gratifying beyond words.

A five star childen's book for the second year running

Another wonderful milestone was seeing that Willow the Wonderer picture books continue to maintain an almost perfect five star rating (4.9 to be exact!) - for the second year running! But it's not the number of stars that matters to us that much but what the reviews say.

Here is a preview of some old favourites and a few new ones that have come through recently:

Five Star customer reviews for Willow the Wonderer picture books

Our sincere thanks to everyone who has taken the time to leave us a review. We love reading these and they really do give us the energy to keep going. They also help other folks discover our little Willow and share his tales with timeless wisdom with their little ones.

In case you have not already, please feel free to leave us a review on Google: Just click on this link and let us (and the world) know your thoughts.

The perfect picture book for all the wonderers out there

We also compiled the reviews into a video for sharing across social media. You may see this pop into your feed over the coming months as we promote it more widely to other wonderers around Australia.

Coming soon : The third Willow the Wonderer picture book

I am also very glad to share that Darren and I submitted the final files for the third Willow the Wonderer book to our printers this week. It's a marathon effort to get to this point so always a relief to see the back of it.

If all goes well we expect to receive the first printing of our third book in October - at which point we will no doubt pose for another daggy shot...

And just because it's Friday, I'll treat you to the one we we took when we first received Honey Time. Darren had wisely decided to start shaving again...

Author and artist with their new picture book - Honey Time. A little donkey is trapped in a blob of honey and looking on in a bit of a shock at the world while the queen bee cheekily chucks some more honey his way.
Reeta and Darren pose with their second picture book - Honey Time

So what is the third book about? Your second clue ...

The first clue came out a few weeks ago. A reminder in case you have forgotten - It had something to do with Ziggy Stardust and his famous song, Starman ...

This blog contains the second set of clues.

All I'll say, as I end this blog, is to look closely at the reviews ...


About Reeta:

Reeta Dhar is the author of the Willow the Wonderer picture book series and co-founder of independent publisher, Wise As Stories. We are creating beautiful stories we wish we'd grown up with - stories that plant seeds of wonder, wisdom and joy. Our picture books are the perfect early years learning books and together with the character plush toys, make great gifts for the little ones. Check out our bestsellers today!

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