Willow the Wonderer

an enchanting tale about

the search for happiness

Beautifully illustrated

with rhyming, counting and wisdom

It's a children's book in a class of it's own 


Willow the Wonderer

Willow the wonderer

Woke up one day

Wondering about happiness

And where it lay ...

Willow the Wonderer is an enchanting new picture book about the search for happiness by Reeta Dhar and Darren Pryce

Written in perfect rhyme, the melodious stanzas take us on an adventurous journey through the natural world, exploring many wonderous places and discovering many marvellous creatures. The beautifully crafted imagery draws young readers in, as they seek out and count the many creatures that Willow meets that day.

Whilst helping develop literacy and numeracy skills, the essence of the story remains grounded in age-old universal wisdom about happiness.


Loved by Kids

cherished by grown-ups


Bill Wood

Ariel's Grandpa

"My three year old grandson Ariel loved the menagerie of hidden animals interspersed amongst the pages. "Read it again Poppa please" was the message repeated again and again."

May Lam

Mia and Teddy's Mum

"I wish I met Willow the Wonderer when I was young. The story made me feel warm and fuzzy - I had tears of joy! This is not just a book but a gift to us all."

Paul Handcock

Issy's dad

"Issy loves the book, she's been asking us to read it every night as part of bedtime routine! A huge compliment because it has been The Hungry Caterpillar for the last 18 months"

Paola Raffinetti

Mia's Mum

"Oh it's beautiful! Gorgeous illustrations and a warm and creative narrative. I love it. I truly think it's special. I'll be the first in line for a hardcopy!"

Gerard Gonzales

Uncle extraordinaire

“I love the "where's Wally" vibe when looking for animals in the illustrations, lol”

Angela Linus

Anna and Maddy's Mum

"A beautifully illustrated story book to teach children new words and numbers, with wise as rhymes and a wonderful lesson for all ages."


Beautiful, Funny and Wise

"this is a book a generation will remember"

Myles Boyd


Behind the Scenes

meet Reeta & Darren

Reeta and Darren_coogee.jpg

Reeta & Darren

story makers

During a walk at the beach one afternoon, Reeta and Darren realised they shared a wish to write stories that planted seeds of wisdom in young minds; stories they wish they had grown up with. Darren threw in an idea he conceived a long time ago about Willow, a child who wanders from home searching for happiness. They both felt in Willow a kindred spirit. Over the ensuing months and many lively conversations, sketches and drafts later, the idea grew into a story. Reeta wrote the words and Darren drew the pictures. Thus, Willow the Wonderer was born.

Reeta Dhar


Reeta grew up surrounded by stories; tales from the olden days her grannies used to tell, scary stories that her siblings would share, legends about ancient yogis her dad read aloud, Bollywood films her mum rented and stories from all the glorious books she read.

Stories became her doorway into a world of imagination that enthralled, enticed and enchanted in equal measure. They inspired her to travel, climb mountains, do yoga, meditate and seek out the magic in life.

Reeta’s career has been in business strategy but writing was always something she was going to do. In this first book, she brings together her love of rhyme and the natural world with life's little lessons she has learnt along the way.


Darren Pryce


Darren started drawing before he started walking, or so the story goes. He was the quiet one in the family who spent all his time drawing at the kitchen table; his uncle was surprised to find out that he even had legs!

It was no surprise however that he pursued studies in design and a career as an illustrator, art director and contemporary artist. A classically trained painter with expertise in digital media, Darren seamlessly combines the two disciplines in his craft.

Darren has for many years gazed into clouds, fire and other natural landscapes, searching for animals and objects to emerge from the abstract shapes. He has drawn upon these to illustrate this book, immersing all creatures great and small into the landscape.


A message from Reeta & Darren

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“Never grow up. Always down.”

Roald Dahl