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The second Willow the Wonderer picture book is out now: It's Honey Time folks!

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Twelve months since the release of our much loved picture book, Willow the Wonderer, we are proud to launch the second picture book in the series: Honey Time. The adventures, learning and wisdom continues although things get a little sticky for our little hero ... He does however get a taste of the sweet wisdom of honey.

A new picture book, adventure and seed of wisdom

Our much loved picture book, Willow the Wonderer, has officially become a series of picture books with the launch of our second title - Honey Time.

Willow's adventures continue in Honey Time but take a chaotic turn as our young hero wakes up with infinite ideas for adventure and play - and of course goes about it 'hard and fast' as he tries to do it all!

The Queen Bee has to step in and stage a rather sweet intervention. Things get a little sticky for Willow ... But there are lessons to be learnt in the most stickiest of situations.

Willow gets a taste of the sweet wisdom of honey; one that opens up his eyes to wonders of a life lived without haste and also gives him greater insight into happiness.

The search for happiness

Willow's his first adventure started with him wondering about happiness and ended with an epiphany, which gave him an insight into the nature and source of happiness.

Happiness can be the simplest of things but also the most elusive of things.

The search for happiness will be a thread that we weave through all the Willow the Wonderer picture books - for our young hero still has much to learn. Besides, like all fallible beings, Willow the Wonderer can also do with a reminder every now and then :)

In this next picture book, it does not take Willow long to recognise the qualities of happiness and right at the end, realise a path towards inner happiness.

Seeds of wisdom: the makings of a modern day fable

Perfect rhymes, beautiful illustrations and great stories are the hallmark of our Willow the Wonderer series of picture books. But if there is one thing that sets them apart, it is the seeds of wisdom our stories contain.

We started writing Willow the Wonderer because we wanted to create stories that we wish we'd grown up with - stories that planted seeds of wisdom in young minds.

We hope these seeds blossom with time and guide our readers on their journey through life.

In doing so we were unknowingly continuing on the millennia long tradition of fables - but with a decidedly modern twist. We've explored the fascinating history of fables in an earlier blog and examined (in retrospect) the elements that we adopted and those that we adjusted (or rather chose to reframe) for our time in the Willow the Wonderer series.

Fables have always been a great way to engage young children in stories whilst imparting a little wisdom in a way that they can understand and relate to. It's a tradition we are proud to contribute to and hope to do proud.

The learning continues - colours glorious colours!

Our books are also designed with a specific learning outcome in mind.

In the first picture book, the story, rhymes and illustrations engaged young readers in learning to count - all the way up to fifteen.

In the second, we engage them in learning the many natural and creative expressions of colour - not the basic primary colours mind you but the shades in between ...

Another five star children's picture book in the making

We had quite a few laughs writing, editing, illustrating and publishing this second picture book - it's a cracker!

At the end of the day though what our discerning readers make of it is what really matters - and let me tell you this much, children (bless'em) don't mince their words.

We leave you with these first few reviews we've received on our whatsapp, facebook, emails and website! Another five star children's book in the making? We think so :)

This book is next level

- Daniel Levy

My kids loved it!! Next book?!

- Frank Muller

Love the story and the focus on being slow and still. I can see parents telling their kids to pretend they're covered in honey whenever they want them to settle :)

- Katrina Colpo

Beautifully told and illustrated.

- Vijya Patel

It is stunning! So beautiful and light! Love it!

- Silke Wenzel

The new Willow instalment is just lovely. I loved Honey Time and so glad to hear it was inspired by a yoga class.

Kristi Heffernen


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