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Do picture books have wings? Willow the Wonderer seems to!

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

It's official: Willow the Wonderer picture books have reached more places in Australia than we've travelled to - and trust me you, we've been around!

Map of Austrlalia with blue dots to indicate all the places where Willow the Wonderer picture books have sold to. The blue dots are across all major population centres in australia include regional and rural australia
Willow the Wonderer picture books have sold all across Australia

And that's only part of the story, as Willow has also skipped overseas as gifts to the little ones - USA, UAE, South Africa, Italy and Germany are some of the destinations that we know of.

The journey that a book embarks on, as it leaves the carriage of publishers and booksellers and into the hands of little ones, is no doubt worthy of a sonet! I wonder sometimes what tales would little Willow tell, if he could, from his many new homes...

For Darren and I, Willow the Wonderer picture books tell stories that we wish we'd grown up with - beautiful stories that inspire awe and wonder, and plant seeds of wisdom that may come in handy when navigating life.

The enduring thread that weaves across all the stories in the series is the search for happiness - something that makes all us humans, regardless of where we come from and where we live, the same.

As we work on the third book in the series - a rather outworldly one (hint hint ;-) - it feels fitting to pause and send our thanks to everyone 'on the map' for your support.

Thank you for sharing our picture books, willow toys and giftsets with the special people in your lives. It is wonderful to see the seeds of wisdom spread far and wide.

P.S. If you have stories, photos or drawings of Willow the Wonderer in his new home you'd like to share with us and the rest of the community, we'd love to receive them. Please email to


Reeta Dhar is the author of the Willow the Wonderer picture book series and co-founder of independent publisher, Wise As Stories. We are creating beautiful stories we wish we'd grown up with - stories that plant seeds of wonder, wisdom and joy. They are also perfect as early years learning books and make great gifts for the little ones. Check out our bestselling picture books today!

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