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New Willow the Wonderer picture books review by Counsellor Sian

Most of you are no doubt familiar with Counsellor Sian. Her original book review of Willow the Wonderer series is the stuff of legends, having reached over half a million folks across Australia!

Sian is a registered therapeutic counsellor and has a private practice in QLD. She brings over a decade of experience in the field and a passion to help people find peace in their world.

We were keen to hear what Sian made of our new Willow the Wonderer book - Space Odyssey - so sent her an early copy a few weeks ago.

Here's a snippet of what she had to say about Willow the Wonderer series in her picture books review:

"I wish I had these for my children when they were small, and I really recommend them as a Counsellor working with children who often have a lot of troubles - These sorts of things can be really helpful."

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"I really wish I had these for my children when they were small, and I really recommend them as a Counsellor working with children who often have a lot of troubles. These sorts of things can be really helpful."

Hi everybody, its Sian, the children's and teenage Counsellor here.

Remember me telling you about Willow the Wonderer and his wonderful adventures?

Willow the Wonderer was a little donkey who went on a quest looking for happiness.

And he went all around the planet and saw some amazing creatures and some wonderful sights.

He went to the sea, but he didn't find anybody that could tell him where happiness lays, and he didn't find it himself. And towards the end of the story he realises, you know what, happiness actually is not in other people or outside myself.

Happiness comes from the inside out, not the outside in.

What a great story to teach our children.

The second in the series, Honey Time.

I love this.

This time, Willow once again, energetic little donkey that he is went running around the universe trying to enjoy his life, not taking in everything that he can see, making the most of his world, seeing all these wonderful creatures.

But he goes so fast that he doesn't really stop to smell the roses and enjoy himself, until he ends up in a big BLOB of honey and he's forced to slow down, and take breath, and centre himself.

And so he becomes still, and he really stars to appreciate everything around him and stay present and live in the moment.

Great story. Great message.

The third one in the series: Willow the Wonderer - Space Odyssey.

Illustrations in this are magnificent, once again.

This time, Willow decided that he wants to find someone wlse who looks like him because he feels like he's a bit of the odd one out.

So he goes looking around the world.

He rushes out of his house in the morning, and once again he goes looking, and he sees all these wonderful creatures, but none of them look like him.

And then he gets beamed up into a big beam of light, and he ends up miles and miles away from the Earth, and he can look back onto the planet and look what he sees!

He sees the world in all its beauty, with its volcanoes and its interconnected seas, and he realises the land, the sea and us as people - we're all connected.

So we might be different, but we really are all one in the same belonging to this beautiful planet.

Where to buy Willow the Wonderer picture books?

You can purchase Willow the Wonderer picture books right here from our online store (Shop Now) today or browse our Buy Local directory for a book or giftstore near you.

We highly recommend our Box Set : The Complete Series that has all three Willow the Wonderer books that Sian has reviewed. Make the most of our discount and free shipping offer (limited time only!) and add these to your little ones' bookshelf today.

Happy reading!

Smiling middle aged woman who is a professional children's counsellor
Counsellor Sian

About Sian

Sian is a registered therapeutic counsellor with over a decade of experience in the field. She runs a private practice in Nerang, Queensland, catering for young and older people, and also counsels teenagers and their parents at local high schools.

To find out more please visit her website.

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