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New! All three Willow the Wonderer storybooks are now available as a 'box set' at a Great Discount + FREE Shipping. That's a saving of almost $25! Buy today to make the most of this limited time offer.


Willow the Wonderer are more than just picture books - They are a treasure trove of life lessons wrapped in delightful stories that educate and entertain in equal measure. Written in rhyme with exquisite illustrations, they sweep young readers away on fantastical adventures through the natural world. Each tale is also designed with a specific early learning goal in mind.


Willow is an endearing little donkey who is deeply curious about life. Join him on epic quests as he unravels life's mysteries and discover its wonders.


Synopsis Book 1 : Willow the Wonderer

Willow the Wonderer wakes up one morning wondering about happiness and where does it lay. He visits many wonderous places and discovers many marvellous creatures but the happiness he was looking for eludes him. As he reflects on his day he has an epiphany - and finally understands where happiness comes from.

​The early learning goal in this book is counting, although it feels more like playing a game of 'hide and seek' as the creatures to be counted are hidden away in the landscape!


Synopsis Book 2 : Willow the Wonderer - Honey Time

​Willow the Wonderer wakes up bursting with infinite ideas for adventure and play. He wonders how he can fit it all in and decides to go ‘hard and fast’, creating an almighty ruckus! The Queen Bee stages an intervention to teach our young hero a brand new lesson; one that opens up his eyes to the wonders of the natural world and gives him greater insight into happiness.


​The early learning goal in this book is learning the many natural and creative expressions of colour. These are poetically depicted in the rhymes and exquisitely brought to life in the illustrations.


Synopsis Book 3 : Willow the Wonderer - Space Odyssey (New Release!)

Willow the Wonderer feels alone one day and wonders why he is different from others everywhere. He sets off to search for other creatures like him but alas, only sees things that are different some way. As he is about to give up, he gets beamed up into space! Willow travels through space and time taking in the beauty, strength and fragility of the Earth. As he looks back at the Earth, a profound wisdom dawns upon him - the same wisdom that has dawned upon many astronauts before him. Willow finally realises that which makes us all the same and also connected to each other. It even makes him feel at peace with being a little different.


​The early learning goal in this book is to introduce the fantastic science of astronomy to our young readers.


Willow the Wonderer books are a gateway to imagination, education and wisdom. Make the most of our specials and add them to your collection today:

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A note from the author and illustrator:

"Willow the Wonderer started as a shared dream to write stories that plant seeds of wisdom in young minds; seeds that hopefully blossom with time and guide our young readers in their journey through life. We also wanted the books to make early childhood learning effortless. But mostly we wanted to create beautiful stories that the little ones (and big ones) simply fall in love with. These are stories we wish we'd grown up with."


- Reeta and Darren


P.S. We will be delighted to sign the books for the little ones. Just leave a note during checkout, with their names.

Box Set : The Complete Series

$89.85 Regular Price
$84.95Sale Price
GST Included
  • Written, illustrated and designed in Australia by local creatives Reeta Dhar & Darren Pryce



    • 1 x Hardcover of Book 1 : Willow the Wonderer 
    • 1 x Hardcover of Book 2: Willow the Wonderer - Honey Time

    1 x Hardcover of Book 3: Willow the Wonderer - Space Odyssey


    Dimensions and Weight

    • Hardcover Book:  H 290mm x W 215mm x D 8mm
    • Box Set: 1260 grams (shipping weight)



    • Made from sustainable sourced FSC certified paper and board
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