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New! The third book in the Willow the Wonderer series has arrived. It will have the little ones reaching for the stars whilst feeling connected to all things back at home.


Willow the Wonderer is whisked away on an epic space odyssey. Looking back at the Earth, he realises the same wisdom that has dawned upon many astronauts before him ...


Willow the Wonderer feels alone one day and wonders why he is different from others everywhere. He sets off to search for other creatures like him but alas, only sees things that are diferent some way. As he is about to give up, he gets beamed up into space by cosmic starlight!


Willow travels through space and time taking in the beauty, strength and fragility of the Earth. As he looks back at the Earth, a profound wisdom dawns upon him - the same wisdom that has dawned upon many astronauts before him.


Willow finally realises that which makes us all the same and inherently connected to each other. It even makes him feel at peace with being a little different.


Space Odyssey can also be read as a poetic introduction to the science of astronomy.


Willow the Wonderer picture books are written by Australian children's author, Reeta Dhar, and illustrated by Australian illustrator, Darren Pryce :


"We wanted to write stories that plant seeds of wisdom in young minds; seeds that will hopefully blossom with time and guide our young readers in their journey through life. We also wanted the books to make early childhood learning effortless. But mostly, we wanted to create beautiful stories that the little ones (and big ones) simply fall in love with. These are stories we wish we'd grown up with."


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Looking for personalised gifts for kids? Leave a note for us (Reeta and Darren) to sign the books during checkout, with names of the lucky little ones.

Book 3 : Space Odyssey

GST Included
  • Written, illustrated and designed in Australia by local creatives: Reeta Dhar & Darren Pryce.


    Made from sustainably sourced paper and boards: Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified.


    Hardcover Book

    Book dimensions: L 285mm x W 215mm x D 8mm

    Weight: 390 grams

    ISBN: 9780645083347

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