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Media Release: Wise As Stories launches debut picture book series, Willow the Wonderer

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Introducing an #UnlikelyHero with industry-first initiatives

21st October 2021

Debut title

Wise As Stories is thrilled to announce the launch of their debut title, Willow the Wonderer, an enchanting tale about the search for happiness written by Reeta Dhar and Illustrated by Darren Pryce.

The new picture book is written in rhyme with beautifully crafted imagery that draws young readers in to seek out and count the many creatures Willow encounters on his adventures. It's perfect book to build literacy and numeracy skills whilst imparting some age-old universal wisdom on happiness.

Author Reeta Dhar said, "Willow's story mirrors our lives. We all want to be happy and go through life seeking it here, there and everywhere. After encountering much ups and downs, life eventually reveals it's secrets to us ... Our young protagonist is lucky to have found out before most!"

"The idea to do this book has been milling in my mind for a good 20 years and it was wonderful to find the time and space over COVID to produce it. We've created a book that we wish we'd grown up with. Hopefully it makes it easier for our young readers to navigate the vicissitudes of their future lives," illustrator Darren Pryce said.

The combination of rhyming, counting and wisdom with a "where's wally vibe", put Willow the Wonderer in a class of its own and a very unique addition to Australian picture books.

Willow the Wonderer will be developed into a picture series, with a new title planned for release each year.

Industry first initiatives

Wise As Stories is establishing a few industry 'firsts' as they launch their debut title:

  1. In addition to being the publisher, Wise As Stories will also be the primary online retailer

  2. Wise As Stories will be distributing the picture book exclusively via indie bookshops and other 'brick and mortar' retailers. The book won't be available through platforms like Amazon

  3. The Hardcover and eBook editions of the picture book will be launched simultaneously

  4. Everyone who purchases a hardcover from any channel will be able to claim a free eBook

  5. Wise As Stories will give away free eBooks to anyone who can't afford to pay for it

"We want to give our readers the choice and convenience of being able to shop through multiple channels whilst having their content available in multiple formats. At the same time we want to deliver a more equitable outcome to creatives so have opted to insource online retail. We also don't want money to be a barrier so are offering a free option to anyone who needs it," Dhar said.

Come meet an #UnlikelyHero

True to form, Wise As Stories will be running a quirky new campaign to launch Willow the Wonderer. Dubbed #UnlikelyHero, it will be spear-headed by a 'book trailer' created in conjunction with the creatives from the mid-north coast.

"Regional areas offer a very conducive environment for creativity so it's unsurprising to find a wealth of talent in our country towns. It was great collaborating with a few local artists from the mid-north coast to put this together," Pryce said.

Get a sneak peak of the new book trailer below (click on image to play):

For more information, refer to the links below or contact Wise As Stories directly:


Media enquiries:

Reeta Dhar

Wise As Stories

0405 447 362

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