Willow the Wonderer

an #UnlikelyHero on a quest to find happiness


Beautiful And Wise

" this is a book that a generation will remember "

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Willow the Wonderer

Reeta Dhar & Darren Pryce

Willow the Wonderer is our endearing new picture book about the search for happiness.

Written in rhyme, the melodious stanzas take us on an enchanting a journey through the natural world, exploring many wonderous places and discovering many marvellous creatures. 

The beautifully crafted imagery draws young readers in to seek out and count the creatures that Willow meets on his adventurous quest.

It's the perfect book for children to learn and love new words and numbers, rhythm and rhyme, art and illustration, and some age-old wisdom on happiness!


Loved by Kids

cherished by parents


Bill Wood

Grandad to Ariel

"My three year old grandson Ariel loved the menagerie of hidden animals interspersed amongst the pages. "Read it again Poppa please" was the message repeated again and again."

May Lam

Mum to Mia and Teddy

"I wish I met Willow the Wonderer when I was young. The revelation of the story gave me warm and fuzzy sensation with tears of joy. This is not just a book but a gift to us all. I encourage all kids and parents/carers to read it together, share the thoughts, have a genuine conversation and grow wisdom together."

Angela Linus

Mum to Anna and Maddy

"A beautifully illustrated story book to teach children new words and numbers, with wise as rhymes and a wonderful lesson for all ages."

Gerard Gonzales

Uncle extraordinaire

“I love the "where's Wally" vibe when looking for animals in the illustrations, lol”

Paola Raffinetti

Mum to Mia

"Oh it's beautiful! Gorgeous illustrations and a warm and creative narrative. I love it. I truly think it's special. I'll be the first in line for a hardcopy!"

Myles Boyd

Uncle extrad

"You've encapsulated the imagination of endless possibility."


A message from Reeta & Darren

Interested to read Willow the Wonderer but strapped for cash? We've been through tough times and know what it's like.
Contact us and we'll send a free eBook your way.
No questions asked.


“Never grow up. Always down.”

Roald Dahl