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Give the gift of wisdom this holiday season : Children's picture books with seeds of wisdom

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

The final month of the year has commenced and if things haven't already, they will start to wind down soon as we wrap-up on another year of toil and head into the holiday season. For many families, this would be the first time in two years that they are gathering again for Christmas!

It seems a lot of folks started preparing early this year; we started receiving orders for Christmas from late October and saw it continue all the way through November. Hoorah to the uber prepared amongst us!

As for the serial procrastinators ... don't worry, there's still some more time left to procrastinate but not too much more! I'd say two more weeks at most of online shopping time is left to meet Christmas delivery deadlines.

And in case you are at a loss as to what to buy for the special little ones in your life - check out our new promotion for the holiday season. It may just inspire you to give the gift of wisdom this holiday season - the best gift there is :)


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