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Christmas delivery deadlines are approaching fast : Have you done your shopping?

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Dear Wise As Community,

A public service announcement: Australia Post has kindly suggested a 'safe' deadline to complete all your online Christmas Shopping. Please take a note of these, especially if you prefer to use standard (rather than express) shipping, as it is approaching fast!

To ensure your parcels read their intended destinations in Australia by Christmas on STANDARD SHIPPING please ensure you have shopped and they are shipped by the following dates:

  • Sending parcels to/from all States - except WA & NT : 12th of December

  • Sending parcels to/from WA/NT : 8th December (see note on WA below)

If you miss these dates, we highly recommend using EXPRESS SHIPPING. You get an extra week with these.

  • Sending parcels to/from all States - except WA & NT : 19th of December

  • Sending parcels to/from WA/NT : 14th December

We are fulfilling orders every single day

Picking and packing picture books and plush toys is strangely therapeutic - we rather enjoy it and do it every afternoon.

So, as long as you get your orders in by midday every day, we will have dropped them off at our local Australia Post before the last mail run, on the same day.

Hope that helps folks out as we get closer to the deadlines.

And remember, we also give you full tracking detail and set you up to receive live notifications of your parcel's progress when you shop with us.

For 'serial procrastinators' living in Sydney ...

If you are amongst those who prefer to live on the edge (of deadlines) please know that you can also pickup (for FREE) from us at Coogee - any day.

Beach weather has finally arrived at Coogee so make it part of a trip down to the beach. We can meet you there :-)

And yes, we are very flexible and can accommodate most pickup times.

A final note on WA

To everyone in WA, please note that all the rain and flooding has damaged the mail infrastructure - road and rail - that Australia Post used to get 'standard parcels' to WA.

Yes, standard parcels travel by road and rail from NSW to WA through VIC and SA - quite the journey!

This is delaying deliveries by up to two weeks - we can however see that the parcels are moving so hold on tight!

Also consider using Express Shipping, as these parcels are sent by air and this service remains uninterrupted (they obviously don't use Qantas...).

For more information:


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