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Looking for children's picture books? Check out Librarian Pam's review

Updated: Mar 2

Remember Pam? She's worked in libraries for most of her life - 26 years in fact!

There she was back in 2021, enjoying a quiet retirement in the country working on her art practice with her best mate, when she came across two creative souls publising their first picture children's picture book - Willow the Wonderer .

It was about the search for happiness and had just the right philosophical pull and ethereal quality to get Pam to sacrifice her prized anonymity and agree to front the cameras to share her thoughts!

Besides, the two said creatives - an author and an artist - looked like they could do with some help ...

Two years and over 200,000 video views later, she is back to once again to share with us what she made of the two new books in the Willow the Wonderer children's picture books series: Honey Time & Space Odyssey.

Children's picture books from the Willow the Wonderer series. Featuring the first three picture books - Willow the Wonderer, Honey Time and Space Odyssey
Willow the Wonderer Picture Books

Watch Librarian Pam's Review of Willow the Wonderer Children's Picture Books

Can't play the video now? We've transcribed it below:

"Hi everyone, it's Pam here. Can you believe it's been two years since my last little video where I reviewed Willow the Wonderer Part 1? Well, it's been such a wonderful success that I'm here today to talk to you about the latest Willows.

Okay, so if you recall, Willow the Wonderer, where he sets off on his journey to find out about himself.

Number two, Willow the Wonderer , Honey Time. Again, Willow sets off, rushing around, and finds himself in a sticky situation with an altercation with the Queen Bee.

Now, if I had a drum, I'd do a drum roll, but I don't, so I'm going to do it anyway. Ba bam! Willow number three. Willow the Wonderer , Space Odyssey. Ooh, now, same as all the others, beautifully presented, beautifully written, and the illustrations are out of this world. Which hints at the title of the book. I'll just run through it with you.

Librarian Pam with beautiful new picture book for children, Space Odyssey. She is dressed in a dark purple blouse, glasses and has a gorgeous bun.
Librarian Pam Reviews Space Odyssey

This time, Willow thinks...wonders why he feels different to everyone else. He searches, he searches, and finds people just like him, but different. Then, this one day, he sees a light. And he gets taken up in the light, on a beam of starlight, into another world. And he sees how wonderful the world is from a different perspective.

And how beautiful and wonderful everything and everyone in it is, including himself. Okay. If you haven't come across these books, do try them from your library or buy them. They are superb."

Seen the Original?

Just in case you have not seen the original, here it is!

Can't play the video now? We've transcribed it below:

"Hi everyone, my name's Pam. I've spent most of my working life in libraries and as you can imagine I've come across many, many children's books. I'm really excited to tell you today about this fabulous book called Willow the Wonderer. There it is and there's a big shot of him. As you can see he's the cutest little donkey you could ever wish to see.

Librarian Pam review five star childrens picture book willow the wonderer - she is wearing a floral blouse and has glasses and is holding the book up with a smile
Pam Reviews Willow the Wonderer

Now this book It's absolutely fabulous and it tells the story of how little Willow wakes up one morning and wonders about happiness and where to find it. So he goes off on his travels and during his travels he finds wonderful animals, wonderful scenes and eventually he realizes that happiness isn't out there.

Along the way, you'll find that this book is perfect for little children because it's a counting book, counting all the little animals in the illustrations, and for older children there's a philosophy to it too, wondering, as all children do, about lots of things. The bonus with this fabulous book is the beautiful illustrations.

Thank you for listening. Just a little note. Parents, teachers, kids of all ages, rush out and buy this book."

Thank you Pam! We love your reviews and can tell that others do to :)


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