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How it works

We are looking for authentic advocates for Willow the Wonderer.

Help your family, friends and network discover a special new gift for their little ones and score a great deal whilst earning cash reward for your effort.

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1. Apply

Have you fallen in love with Willow the Wonderer? Do you believe in using storytelling to plant seeds of wisdom? Would you feel good about helping your friends and family discover a great gift for their little ones and get it at a discount? Then this program is for you. Apply to become an advocate for Willow the Wonderer.

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2. Advocate

You will receive a personalised coupon to share with your friends, family and broader network that will give them a 10% discount on all their orders. You can share this in whatever way you are comfortable e.g. social media, newsletter, over lunch, etc. Coupon will be valid for 12 months and can be used multiple times and shared on.


3. Earn

Every time someone uses your coupon to place an order, you will earn 10% of sale in cash. We'll track the sales and send you a report and cash payout at the end of the month. You can use this to earn extra cash or to raise funds for a charity, club, association or other community enterprises e.g. childcare, playgroups, libraries, etc

Why pay for advocates

All businesses have to spend on marketing to get the word out - there are no two ways about it. Where we do have a choice is deciding how, where and with whom we spend our marketing dollars.

For our part, we'd rather see the value we are creating through our stories go back to the very people who are supporting us - our customers and their friends, family and local communities.

Why? Because it beats enriching multi-billion dollar tech companies any day.

Get Creative!
we are prepared to give 20% away

You may not personally need the extra cash or have friends who need the discount, but it's possible that you know a charity, club, association, child care centre, library, or other community enterprise that needs funds.

Talk to us about other ways we can work together to spread seeds of wisdom whilst raising funds for a worthy cause.

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“No one has ever become poor by giving.”

Anne Frank