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Need to raise funds or earn extra cash? Become a Wise As Affiliate

Happy Friday folks! It feels like the summer holiday season only wraps after Australia Day - after which the new working year begins. To kick things off, we are excited to be launching our new Wise As Affiliate program

After spending all our marketing budget on big tech platforms over the last two years, we are glad to have found a way through which our funds can go back to the folks who are supporting us - our customers and their communities.

Who is a wise as affiliate?

A wise as affiliate is simply someone who likes us and our products and has signed up to tell about to the rest of the world about it :-)

Most of us do this as a matter of course anyway...

When we come across something we really like, it's just natural that we talk about it - tell our friends, family and others in the community.

Becoming a wise as affiliate comes with a few perks though - you get your very own discount coupon to share with your community (and use for your self).

If they go ahead and buy something (anything) from us, you earn an equivalent amount (to the discount) in cash reward.

What you do with this extra cash is purly up to you.