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It's official - UFOs are real. Does it mean we are not alone after all?

Updated: Jan 4

Darren and I share a guilty pleasure ... the love of UFOs. Yes, we've listened to the podcasts, seen the documentaries and wondered (maybe even hoped) that they are real. With the Pentagon recently coming out and confirming the existence of UFOs, it feels that Ufologists world over are finally being vindicated. Although presence of UFOs does not automatically mean that we are being visited by alien civilisations, it remains a possibility - and it is that possibility that is sooo seductive - it would change everything.

It's official - UFOs or UAPs exist

The New York Times broke the story and the Pentagon confirmed it. The existence of UFOs - unidentified flying objects - the most fantastic 'myth' of our time has been confirmed.

They are being rebranded though into UAP - Unidentified Aerial Phenomena - possibly to give them more credibility and distance it from the 'tin-foil hat' people who have spent all these decades tellling us just that - there are objects flying around in the sky that we cannot identify.

Myth confirmed as fact

Stories about these unidentified flying object have been circulating for decades, with people in the hundreds and thousands claiming encounters (there are several types). As with all myths there have been as many die-hard advocates of the phenomenon as there have been skeptics, questioning everything from the 'grainy' footage to the mental health of the witnesses.

At any rate, on December 2017 the New York Times reported that a covert government program was seriously investigating UFOs and the previously leaked footage of UFOs seen during a military drill were indeed legitimate.

It was a moment of vindication for UFO advocates who had dared to make the same claim (based on leaked evidence from whistle blowers) only to be branded as crackpots by the mass media.

Media attention on UFOs has become even more heightened over the past few months as the world awaits a much anticipated report from the US government officials which is suppose to disclose everything the Pentagon knows of UFOs, encounters and aliens... As some impassioned senators in the US congress claim - 'we have a right to know'.

UFOs is not equal to aliens

It is important to note that the confirmation of UFOs (or UAPs) from official sources have come (disappointedly) with a caveat - they do not know the origin of these crafts and can only confirm that it is not their technology.

They have expounded the possibility that these could be from other advanced military nations such as China or Russia. And to-date they have not found any convincing evidence to say they are extraterrestrial.

Some prominent physicists are also skeptical of the 'extraterritorial' evidence e.g. this tongue-in-cheek tweet from Prof. Brian Cox and this exchange between Joe Rogan and Neil de Grasse Tyson. There are others e.g. Prof. Michio Kaku though that say that scientists to keep an open mind.

The Ufologists' warnings

At this watershed moment, I thinks it's important to pay attention to some of the other things that the UFO advocates (or ufologists) have been saying for some time now. After all these are the folks who have been trying to set the record straight for some time now - often at a high personal and professional cost.

Three things in particular stands out to me...and no, you no longer have to go searching in the deepest and darkest corners of the internet to hear what they have to say - even Netflix has a documentary on it.

First thing: Don't expect full disclosure.

'They have been hiding the facts for decades. Why bother with full disclosure now? Many people in powerful positions have much to lose so they will never tell you the full story.'

If early reports into 'the report' is anything to go by, this is indeed turning out to be the case...

So why go through this farce act of disclosure and admission of the existence of UFOs anyway.

Second thing: Expect everything to be opportunistically framed as an issue of 'national security'.

According to the Ufologists, this disclosure had been planned years ago as a way of justifying continued investment into the military. All 'they' have been waiting for is the right timing ...

Wars have well and truly fallen out of fashion these days. The average punter would rather see government funding go into healthcare, education, provision of food, comfortable homes, good lifestyles, great retirements and conservation of the environment.

Funding state-sanctioned slaughter based on ideological differences is no longer something the public supports. So how to justify continued investment in weapons that can annihilate the human race? Create a new enemy of course.

This narrative (of extraterrestrials posing an existential threat) does not need much convincing as thanks to Hollywood it is already rooted deep within our psyches. How many flicks have you seen portraying aliens to be vicious forces here to conquer and colonise, if not to annihilate, the human race?