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Our first 'Willow the Wonderer' story-time with the Crescent Head Playgroup

Reported by the Macleay Argus

The Macleay Argus covered our first ever 'Willow the Wonderer' story-time with the beautiful community at the Crescent Head Playgroup a few weeks ago.

The playdate came about rather serendipitously. We contacted our first customer - ever - Susan Snape to see if we could hand deliver her two advance copies of Willow the Wonderer.

Much to our delight the delivery turned into story time at the Crescent Head Playgroup where Susan is the secretary. ​

We loved our day with the playgroup. After all, you never really know if your picture book is any good until you read it aloud to children.

Thankfully the Willow story-time ended with a "read it again please!"

Read the full Macleay Argus article here.


For further information on Willow the Wonderer storytime, please contact Reeta Dhar on 0405 447 362

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