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Only 4 weeks left to add Willow the Wonderer to your Christmas stocking : The perfect gift for kids

Christmas parcel lodgement deadline

This is our usual public service announcement about the fast approaching shipping deadlines for Christmas, courtesy of the Australia Post.

To ensure your parcels read their intended destinations in Australia by Christmas please ensure you have shopped and the parcels are shipped on:

  • Standard Shipping by 19th December

  • Express Post by 21st December

This means that you have only four weeks left to get your Christmas shopping done and presents shipped! Not sure what to get the little ones? Here's our Christmas gift guide for kids.

What we recommend for kids' gifts this Christmas

Books are the perfect gifts any time of the year but with Christmas, you probably want to include something a little extra that adds to the joy of storytime for the little ones - Yes, I'm talking about a toy and as it happens we have the perfect gift for that.

We highly recommend our Premium Gift Set for the little ones this Christmas - We've recently updated this to include all three of the Willow the Wonderer picture books and the gorgeous plush toy of little Willow. It's the perfect gift for kids.

We've seen many, many book and toy sets in shops ... and have to say that objectively speaking, Willow the Wonderer Gift Sets are in a class of their own.

Willow the Wonderer picture books & toy sets are in a class of their own

Willow the Wonderer sets not only stand out for their quality and overall aesthetics, but also their wisdom:

  • The giftsets feature the full-sized Willow the Wonderer picture books with hardcovers - they really are a gateway to imagination, education and wisdom and the perfect stories for little ones to grow up with.

  • The Willow character plush toy is also the original, full-sized version, which has been designed and handcrafted with a lot of care to do justice to our little protagonist! It has also passed all the toy safety tests and has been approved as being suitable for all ages.

  • The books and toys come beautifully packaged in a themed box, adding a touch of magic to your gift giving. Quite coincidently the green and red colour makes it perfect for the Christmas season.

We also take care to giftwrap all items in tissue paper and seal with our special Willow the Wonderer golden sticker before shipping - It's ready for gift giving when it arrives!

Willow the Wonderer picture book and plush toy giftset in the foreground. Christmas tree and a mum and grandma with a child celebrating in the background
Willow the Wonderer Book & Toy Giftset : The Perfect Gift for Kids

Make the most of our special and shop today!

We've reduced the price of our Premium Gift Set in the lead up to Christmas to only $129.95 and thrown in FREE SHIPPING. This is our best deal in-store so make the most of it and celebrate your special little one with this beautiful gift.

You can also create your very own One or Two Book giftset - adding the picture books of your choice to the sets. We are also shipping these for FREE over Christmas - and don't worry, it's very easy to do.

We are fulfilling orders every single day

Picking and packing picture books and plush toys feels strangely therapeutic - we rather enjoy it and do it every afternoon.

So, as long as you get your orders in by midday every day, we will have shipped them on the same day.

And remember, we also give you full tracking detail and set you up to receive live notifications of your parcel's progress when you shop with us.

Hope all if this takes some of the stress away for the last minute shoppers!

For 'serial procrastinators' there's always the Buy Local & Free Pickup from Sydney options

If online shopping and shipping isn't for you, please note that you can also pickup Willow the Wonderer books and toys at select stores. These are listed on our Buy Local directory - please call ahead to make sure they have what you are looking for in-stock before you make the trek...

Here are a list of stores that have recently restocked for the holiday period so you can check them out with greater confidence:

If you are amongst those who prefer to live on the edge (of deadlines) - and are from around Sydney - please know that you can also pickup (for FREE) from us at Coogee.

We will be here in the lead up to Christmas (before buggering off to the bush for camping!). Come down and say hi - we are always up for a chat. And yes, we are very flexible and can accommodate most pickup times.

Three Willow the Wonderer picture Books and Toy giftsets stacked up under the Christmas tree with a warm fire in the background.
Willow the Wonderer Picture Books & Toy Sets : Perfect for Kids

Christmas isn't all about shopping though ...

Having done the sales pitch ...

Think it's important to end with what Christmas means to us at a deeper level - far be it for me to reduce the whole thing to just shopping. The 'spirit of giving' that Christmas has always sought to invoke, never really had anything to do with capitalism at all.

In today's busy, busy world, the biggest gift I think we can give, both to our loved ones and ourselves within, is the gift of time ...

Making the time to connect, catchup on the year that has been, and to rest and recharge to do it all again :)

For Darren and I, Christmas is our time to retreat from the world and connect to the self within. We usually travel at this time, preferring places far away from home. This year we will be going inland and finding a peaceful patch of bush to spend a few weeks in.

We cherish this time and our trips away. It tends to be a wonderful change to just be and let the stillness of the landscape seep in. It is in that stillness that the next Willow the Wonderer story shows itself - and the next round of our work begins.

Our parents are lot more extraverted than us so if timing allows, we also try to make some time to indulge their fabulous Christmas feast! Darren and I will never say no to a loving home-cooked meal :)

Merry Christmas everyone!


Sort out Christmas Gifts today

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Perfect Gifts for Kids

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