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US rights agency - DropCap - to represent Willow the Wonderer picture books' foreign rights

A chance encounter at the Frankfurt Book Fair in October 2022 led us to discover DropCap Rights Agency and meet their Rights Director, Monica Meehan. Twelve months down the line, and a few emails and zoom later, we are delighted to be accepting DropCap's offer to be our foreign rights representive.

DropCap is an innovative international rights agency based in the US. Founded in 2018 they setout to create a smarter way to elevate exceptional books to the global market. Their in-house rights management system, Sherlock, sits at the heart of their service and gives hard-earned books the best possible chance at being discovered, translated and published in every corner of the world. Sherlock aguments the networks and experience of DropCap's rights professionals who have been at the front lines of the publishing industry for the past two decades.

DropCap will be working alongside our Chinese rights agency, CA-LINK International, to market and license the foreign rights of Willow the Wonderer picture books worldwide:

  • CA-LINK will continue to represent the Chinese rights to the titles across Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. Karin Xiao is our primary representative (

  • DropCap will have exclusive representative rights in all remaining languages and territories. Monica Meehan is our primary representative (

We are excited to be working alongside these two fantastic agencies and their seasoned rights professionals - and grateful for their help in bringing Willow the Wonderer to young readers all over the world.

For more information on our foreign rights, feel free to contact us and/or our rights agents directly.

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