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Self Publishing Diary : Recover, rejuvenate and publish the book!

Updated: Jan 3

We are starting each month by writing our own horoscope. Why? Because planning is boring and everyone wants a magical manifestation pill… As a career strategist I know that there is nothing spooky about 'manifesting' outcomes; it comes down to setting goals, having a plan and working systematically through it. But yes, it can sound all too a bit too boring and a lot of work. So make it fun and instead of coming up with a list of goals and a to-do list, write a horoscope. Here's what I will 'manifest' for our children's publishing house in May, as we set out to create beautiful picture books that plant seeds of wisdom and make early childhood learning effortless.

The resolutions will continue to unfold

We ended April with a super (pink) moon. It was a spectacular sight to behold and it's energy will continue through May. Full moon signifies a time for change and transformation so it was unsurprising that you saw things reach their natural resolutions through April.

This will continue into the early part of May as you continue to tie off the lose ends. May will be the month were your existing projects move into a new phase, new projects start and things begin to fall into place more generally. All resolutions work out to be good resolutions so just go with it all.

Rest, recover, rejuvenate

Remember to listen to and look after your body over May.

Last month the universe conspired to give you exactly what you wanted - an alternative course of treatment that was kinder to the body. May will be an essential month for the benefits of the treatment to come through. So give it time to get there. There is no need to go rushing off and achieving things...

Your immune system will play a vital role so make sure you are propping it up with the right kinds of food and activity.

Rise to the challenge

As the month ages you will be getting back into things and realising the fruits of your labour over the last few months. Luck, it will seem, will play a huge role in how things unfold but remember the age old saying...

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity

Never be complicit around preparation - figure out the questions you need to answer, research them well, develop hypothetical resolutions and then let the universe lead you to the answers.

You have been doing this anyway so continue on this good work. Focus on new questions that you need to answer (and have been avoiding answering) and tackle them headfirst.

Publish the book!

It's only natural that as you go through this month, you are going to have moments of doubt and uncertainty - Are you doing the right thing? Will it all work out? Are you capable of getting it all done? Should you be working even harder? Should you go back to your safe old job?

It's important, especially in moments like these, to not lose sight of that one very near and dear goal of yours - Freedom.

In all things - work, life, love and living - hold that goal close.

Remember that you no longer need to 'enslave' yourself to find freedom; that phase has come and gone. The universe conspired to give you your freedom on the terms you wanted so now do what it takes to keep hold of it - for as they say, fortune favours the brave. So go out there and be brave.

May 2021 is going to be about recovering, rejuvenating and rising to the challenge - and next month is going to be even better.


Give the gift of wisdom to the special little ones in your lives.

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