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Self Publishing Diary : New Beginnings - The Books Have Arrived!

Updated: Jan 3

We are starting each month by writing our own horoscope. Why? Because planning is boring and everyone wants a magical manifestation pill… As a career strategist I know that there is nothing spooky about 'manifesting' outcomes; it comes down to setting goals, having a plan and working systematically through it. But yes, it can sound all too a bit too boring and a lot of work. So make it fun and instead of coming up with a list of goals and a to-do list, write a horoscope. Here's what I will 'manifest' for our children's publishing house in July, as we set out to create beautiful picture books that plant seeds of wisdom and make early childhood learning effortless.

July 2021 will be about 'new beginnings'

So ... you may not seen the latest round of lockdowns coming your way when you last wrote your horoscope in June ... but you did envision that last month was going to be about settling in somewhere quiet, making a list of to-do's and working through it all. What better time to do such things than during a lockdown aye?!

And so it was. June was spent at the beach shack in the mid-north Coast of NSW, quietly working through it all. As we enter into July, the second week of lockdowns, know that it's end will signal new beginnings - on many fronts!

The month will begin with a significant milestone

The first shipment of your first picture book will land at the doorstep at the start of July - In July Willow the Wonderer will have finally arrived!

Willow been at least a year in the making in this latest round of collaboration between Darren and you but the genesis of idea happened a long time ago...

The COVID lockdowns created the time and space that was needed for this project to be realised. It brought you, an aspiring writer, together with a seasoned illustrator, and together you created something unique and special for the world - as one of your friends put it,

It's not just a book but a gift to us all.

Now take Willow to the world

Share the story...

Do the promotions...

Pound the pavements...

Convert the van...

Hit the road...

Travel the world...

Do what it takes to bring Willow to the world!

The world will be better for it.

Sometimes you need to throw caution to the wind

Ever noticed how you enter the water for a swim? Your nature is to watch and plan, find a safe spot, put your toe in and try it out first, if it feels nice you cautiously lower your foot in, and only when it feels right do you slowly lower yourself gently in and start swimming...

This approach has no doubt kept you out of trouble but have you wondered if it has stopped you from living completely? Would it be so bad if you just jumped in!

There are times when you have just gone for things on a whim - when you decided to drive to the middle of the continent to Uluru yourself, when you did the solo ten day track in Patagonia, when you booked the cheapest flight you could find for your first and solo trip to India! Aren't these the times you think back to and rave about?!

Maybe the time to throw caution to the wind has come around again...

Dip your toe in if it makes you feel better - but when you can see that the water seems alright - do yourself a favour - take a chance and just jump in!

There are other stories that need to be told

You know that Willow the Wonderer is just one story - there are many more that need to be told, that you want to tell.

This is the month you start writing them.

Let your inner journey guide your outer

The most wonderful thing that happened to you in June was making peace with your path and settling back into a nice rhythm with your meditation practice.

Continue your inner journey and let it guide your outer.

Life will give you the teachings and teachers you need as and when you are ready for it. Just stay on the course and know that you will encounter these in the right place and at the right time.

July 2021 is going to be about 'new beginnings' - and next month is going to be even better.


Give the gift of wisdom to the special little ones in your lives.

Check out our beautiful picture books that plant seeds of wisdom and make early childhood learning effortless.