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Self Publishing Diary : It's time we did a thought experiment

Updated: Jan 3

We are starting each month by writing our own horoscope. Why? Because planning is boring and everyone wants a magical manifestation pill… As a career strategist I know that there is nothing spooky about 'manifesting' outcomes; it comes down to setting goals, having a plan and working systematically through it. But yes, it can sound all too a bit too boring and a lot of work. So make it fun and instead of coming up with a list of goals and a to-do list, write a horoscope. Here's what I will 'manifest' for our children's publishing house in September, as we set out to create beautiful picture books that plant seeds of wisdom and make early childhood learning effortless.

Hey it's September 2021! Are we there yet?

It feels a bit like that, doesn't it?

For over 18 months now we have been dealing to a lot of uncertainty. Inconsistent and often times illogical government policies has been dictating the ebbs and flows of our lives. It seems that even a global pandemic has not managed to stop our narcissist and sociopathic leaders from playing politics...

As decent everyday folks, dutifully staying at home, we've had to dig deep to find meaning, joy and fulfilment in our rapidly shrinking worlds.

Some have and are thriving. Others not so much. By now we've all learnt that there is no need for judgement. We all have our individual experience of life. What's important is that we honour what we feel and just be with it.

As far as COVID is concerned, there is no end in sight, at least not this side of the year; there is still much to be learnt of the varying nature of the virus, the resilience of our medicines and the wisdom of our public policies.

So an apt way to start September 2021 is with the mindset that no, we are not there yet, and will probably not get there for a while. We have however gotten over the 'COVID winter' (speaking to the Southern hemisphere dwellers) and now in these first days of September, are ready to welcome the 'COVID spring'.

Expand your horizons this 'COVID spring'

Spring is about renewal, growth and expansion - Over September, let it be so with our minds.

When our outer world shrinks, we need to take the time to expand our inner world.

The best way to do this is to take stock of our lives and this pandemic in its global context.

Develop a global perspective

Some of the most poignant images in our human history is the sight of our planet Earth from space.

These images remind us of the reality of our existence as 'Earthlings'; our past, present and future intimately interconnected with the each other and our planet.

It's hard to say it any better than Carl Sagan's beautifully penned 'Pale Blue Dot'.

The global pandemic ironically serves as an apt reminder of this.

It teaches us once again that nature doesn't care about our man-made divisions - whether it be based on nationalities, ideologies, race, caste or creed.

To her, we are but one species, amongst many species, that evolved to live out their lives on this precious planet. It feels that the key to emerging out of this pandemic is recognising this very thing:

At the end of the day we are all the same, our fortunes and misfortunes are intimately inter-linked to each other and our planet, and there cannot be any personal victories here without a resolution for the collective.

Indulge in a thought experiment

September 2021 may just be the perfect time to look beyond the confines of our homes and ask ourselves what we can bring to the collective, to the world at large?

There's no doubt that most people do an immense amount of service to their immediate families and friends. But this may just be the time to stretch our imaginations and ask - is there more that we can do for :

  • our extended families

  • our friends' friends

  • our neighbours and local communities

  • all the folks in our country

  • the global community of humans

Don't stop there... ask what about for:

  • the birds in our garden

  • the bees that pollinate half of our food

  • the native animals in our country

  • all plants, animals and insects, everywhere in the world

How far can we go?

Sounds crazy?

Go ahead and just do it

It's easy to dismiss all this and say I have enough on already thank you very much.

And it's true, most people have more than enough on thanks to full-time work and kids home schooling. Not to mention folks in business who have had to shut up shop for weeks now. What about all their employees who are no doubt are facing financial difficulties?

These are all true - and certainly hold for us as well. But this is more-so the reason why we need to do this thought experiment.