Create your own destiny, write your own horoscope: My June 2021 outlook - 'Spring into Action'

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

This blog is part of our monthly "create your own destiny" series. We are starting each month by writing out our own horoscopes. This is about empowerment of the individual and taking control back from the many charlatans crawling in the world wide net... It's not a manifestation exercise either - rather a practical endeavour to clear the mind and create a sense of possibility for the month ahead. Where that takes us is something we will no doubt find out in the months ahead. So join us in this movement and #writeyourownhoroscope.

In June 2021 you will be 'springing into action'

You took it easy through May and so you should have... But things will begin to hot up in June - it's a month for action. Retreat somewhere quiet and chip away at setting up your future - it will be amazing. You have dreamt about this life since you were small and have received the signs that it can all come true. All you need to do now is to make it happen! And the best thing, you have someone to share the whole journey with.


This four weeks of June are crucial to plan and work through the details of your project that you have not got to as yet. Write out a list and work through it systematically - as you usually do. When the ship lands in July, you should be ready to hit the ground running. Just remember though to do it with the same ease with which you have approached the rest of the project... frantic energy does not do anything any good.

Seek validation

You have started this but you need to do this consistently through next few weeks. Talk to folks who you want to work with - like-minded folks who operate on the same wave length. Find out how they currently work - what they love, what they hate and what they dream of? Make good things happen for them and they will make it happen for you. You are smart and resourceful - you have got this.


What's your next idea? What's your next project? These questions have been brewing in your mind for a while now. Pick up the pen and start sketching the ideas out. It could be the next story, the next book, the next product. It could even be the next home. Maybe that van conversion you two have been mulling about ... Start sketching and see what possibilities emerge.


As you get involved in 'action' remember that life is short - we need to 'live' every day. Enjoying yourself isn't something that you only do over the weekends or during 'annual leave', it should be there in all you do. And when it does not feel that way, schedule in time to make it so - go see something new, eat somewhere new, live it up with your partner - you are free!

Critically, don't let your spiritual practice slip. Your centre is where you joy comes from. Connect to it every day.

June 2021 is going to be about 'springing into action' - and next month is going to be even better.


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