Create your own destiny, write your own horoscope: My April 2021 outlook

Updated: May 12, 2021

A few months ago I created a new instagram account for our publishing business (@wiseasstories) and started following what seemed to be related hashtags - #wisdom, #consciousness, #spiritual, etc. Within the day I noticed the rather ironic obsession that these communities had with 'manifesting'. Everything from enormous wealth, to hideously large house, a significant job promotion and one's 'twin flame' was being conjured up in one post or another. But it was the motivation of the people behind these posts - modern day spiritual charlatans - that worried me the most.

Every post on 'manifestation' seemed to be creating, exacerbating or tapping into an underlying sense of lack - for wealth, for comfort, for companionship, for love.

When there is a sense of lack, it's easy to replace that with a seed of desire. Water that with the temptation of 'secret' knowledge of making it all come true... and you have a product.

The 'spiritual' corners of the internet seem to be dominated by this; modern day spiritual charlatans selling quick fixes for the human condition - for a price of course.

Typical 'call to action' on manifestation posts includes:

  • At the cheaper end of the scale, hit 'like' or leave an 'affirmation'

  • Join an online course (at a price that makes my masters degree look cheap)

  • Pay for a subscription plan (often at a higher cost than my health insurance)

  • Pay for a 'reading' or 'consultation' (at a rate that makes my endocrinologist's charges seem fair)

I love the spiritual movement and I detest spiritual charlatans

Spirituality reminds us that there is more to life than what meets the eye. It's a mystical and beautiful dimension that reminds us to be kind, compassionate and caring.

Spiritual charlatans take what is mystical and beautiful about this life and spin it around to take advantage of people when they are at their most vulnerable.

We need to take back control from such people because we do in fact create our own reality and it starts with the thoughts in our head.

The first step is to control the thoughts get planted in our minds.

To do this we need to STOP listening to other people who claim to have insights into our future. Ignore all claims they make about their powers and abilities - whether it is to read the stars, commune with angels, channel your dead grandmother, etc.

I am not ridiculing or denying the existence of these forces - I don't know enough to - but what I do know is that when we are at our most vulnerable, these beliefs can be used against us and worsen our suffering.

Lets craft our own destiny - Let's write our own horoscopes

I am kicking of this new series of posts with the intention of empowering us all to take back our destinies into our own hands.

Lets do this together. Let's stop listening to what others say about our future and start writing our own version. Let's begin each month with detailing out our horoscope for the month ahead :)

Use language that you feel comfortable with, feel free to bring in the rising moons and retrograding constellations if that's your thing. Make sure to set out at some level the things that you'd like to achieve, receive and give that month. And remember to have fun with it.

This is not a manifestation exercise

Please don't obsess about whether anything you have written comes true or not - in fact let's start with the assumption that it probably won't.

So why do it?

Because at the very least, it will help you to start the month afresh - with a clear mind, a positive outlook and a sense of possibility. Where that can take you, is something you need to find out.

The one rule

During this period, if you can help it, please STOP reading or listening to other people's claim about your future.

How can they possibly know what your future holds when your future is the direct result of all the choices that you make in this present moment?

So without further ado, here's my outlook for April 2021. What's yours?


April 2021: The Taurean bull shall raise it's horns in your favour

This is going to be a month of epiphanies, realisations and resolutions.

The month will start with a surprise. A project that you have been involved in for months shall come to an abrupt end. It will feel a little disconcerting at the time but in your heart you have known that this was coming and is for the good. Know that you did your best, paid your dues and now it's time to move on.

As one door closes, it creates space for another one to open. A heart project that you have been working on for months will take a life of it's own. As the month progresses, you will receive answers to all the questions that the you have meticulously laid out.

It will seem as if the answers have materialised out of thin air - like you have somehow managed to tap into that 'akashic' intelligence that is said to have all the answers there all the time.

This may be so or it could also be that all the thoughts, ideas and inspirations from months of research, analysis and critical thinking has finally found the space to settle. In settling they have created a unique set of insights that will help you move closer to realising your goals.

All this won't be without a lot of doubt and fear and you will be tempted to go back and make the 'safe choice' - but your heart will tell you to give yourself more time. Give this project a chance to come to fruition. It is what you really want to to do with your life.

The early part of the month will also be dominated by spates of anger as your love for natural environment clashes is challenged by the ever growing trend of 'greenwashing' that you will note in the corporate and political arena. Observe this anger and ask that you find a way to channel this energy productively to help mother earth.

This month will also bring a resolution to a health issue that you have ignored for a good three years. It will be a novel solution that seems to have arrived just in time, just for you. This will make it tempting to thing that it's a good thing that you ignored the problem for three years... the lesson that you need to have learnt is to not do this again.

Know that a physical block is often symptomatic of a energetic block so resolving this will help in your spiritual growth as well. Take the time this month to work through this even if it means spending time away from a loved one.

This is going to be a month of epiphanies, realisations and resolutions - and next month will be even better.


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